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Monday, October 20, 2014

Toyota Estima ACR50 8-seater with Beige Stripes Carpet

This premium quality stripe beige (Code: K2 Beige from our CATALOGUE) floor mat is tailor made for the Toyota Estima 8-seater shown below.

The custom made Toyota Estima car floor mat is made with OEM standard carpet materials, then cut to size and the edging is sew with special colour according to the customer's liking. In the case below, the edging is sewn with beige threats matching the interior colour theme.

Front Estima driver's side floor mat comes with non-slip heel pad for extra durability.   

Unlike some of the Toyota Estima ACR50 7-seater model, this Estima 8-seater doesn't come with front centre console. So we measured and replace it with the matching carpet mat on the floor between the two front seats.

The Stripe Beige carpet mat for the Toyota Estima 8-seater 2nd row shown below.

Just like the original Toyota Estima carpet mat, the Stripe Beige car floor mat covers the whole floor until the underneath of the 3rd row seat as show below.

Below picture shows the opening of the carpet mat for the Toyota Estima ACR50 3rd row seat locking mechanism. You only see this when the 3rd row seat is stowed away.

We also custom made all kind of car floor mat for MPV's, SUV's and most sedan cars.

For more information about the above premium grey carpet mats for Toyota Estima ACR50 8-seater, please contact H Performance Motorsports, Sunway. Tel: 03 5632 2855/ 5637 2855.

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